Campaign Marketing- Doing it Right to Meet your Objectives

The marketing campaign is a part of a brand promotion that helps the business to reach its target audience. However, the process of developing and overseeing the campaign has to be managed effectively for rewarding results. The marketing manager needs to have experience in the field and to study the social media market to manage the campaign effectively. Companies like Value4Brand ensure that marketing campaign is done effectively after in-depth research and meet the needs of the brand.

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This article explains about the top things to consider when performing marketing campaign for the brand:

  • Objective:

Business runs with an objective or the aim of earning a maximum profit and reaching the maximum target audience for growth. The intent of marketing and advertising is to create a brand image and develop awareness among potential customers. Different companies have different objectives, so while creating marketing campaigns, do keep objectives in the mind.

  • Budget:

Every company sets aside a certain budget for campaigning under which the marketing manager or social media manager has to work upon. The budget is based on the percentage of total sales and the return the campaign would offer. Research the market and check out the competitor’s marketing campaign method to list the budget for the campaign. Higher budget with no proper planning won’t yield guarantee return. So the team has to work on the idea and accordingly create the budget for the same.

  • Monitoring and Assessment:

Once the marketing campaign is done, brand owners along with the marketing team have to sit and monitor the progress. It is important to assign a team for a detail-oriented result and monitor every result coming out of the campaign.

  • Changes and Improvement:

While the result coming out of the monitoring of marketing campaign, the team can make changes and improvement according to the result. Viewers may comment on the campaign that can help the team to work if there are any changes or improvement needed. Even after the changes, the campaign doesn’t bring out the result, then you need to keep making changes and monitor the same for effective result.

About Us:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital marketing company in New Delhi, India. Since its inception, the company has managed to provide well-research and brand-oriented reputation management service for clients globally. Equipped with advanced tools and experienced team, Value4Brand ensures of long-term business relationship.

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3 Things You need to know about Online Reputation Management

When everyone is facing neck to neck competition customers are only attracted by the quality and uniqueness offered by any company. They are piled up with ample of choices, so to attract and maintain customers towards the company one has to maintain and present the brand image of the company in a more creative way. A customer would not buy from a company which has negative reviews. Hence, the business has to join the hands with the ORM service providing a company like Value4Brand, one of the leading online reputation management services in Delhi.


Once companies have proper professional services they can simply get advantages of using Online Reputation Management tools, they can be summarized as :

  • Development of Trust in Market: Customers simply have one perception in mind that they have to go with a company that has good reviews, testimonials and ratings. So, maintaining online reputation is very important. XYZ helps in keeping everything intact and setting up of a positive brand image of the company.
  • Removal of Negative Reviews: Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora have most of the reviews posts by the customers. They can be negative or even positive. Negative reviews obviously hamper the growth and image of the company. Thus, its a need to have ORM team to look out for such negative reviews and remove them.
  • Change in Ranking of Keywords: Your brand can earn good image when better ORM strategies are involved in SEO techniques. Your pages will get top rankings when each of the negative reviews is downgraded. With best ORM team you will have a better ranking of your company.

About Us:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital PR company in New Delhi, India. Since its inception, the company has managed to provide well-research and brand-oriented reputation management service for clients globally. Equipped with advanced tools and experienced team, Value4Brand ensures of long-term business relationship.

How can you get more traffic to your site? | Value4Brand


Amidst this growing competition, it has become very challenging to drive traffic to your site. One has to be really innovative and unique with the topic and its description when presenting any content to the users. Similarly, an interesting approach should be applied to the social media to attract the users to the brand.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to increase traffic to your site and establish yourself as a strong name in the market:


  1. Think like your customers: When posting anything on the site for the purpose of attracting the audience, make sure that the content or the post is something that will interest the audience. For making it secure put yourself in the place of your audience and then think of the ways to attract them.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Invest your time for analyzing the strategies and working style of the competition or the businesses that are doing better than you. Then, incorporate those tips in your working for getting better results.
  3. Include Backlinks: Develop networks with the top players in the market and encourage the process of cross-promotions and back linking. Once you are among those who are associated with the top brands, customers will automatically turn towards you.
  4. User Experience: Since, the main focus is to attract the users to the site, the most important factor to focus your attention is on providing a friendly user experience to the customers. If the users and customers are happy with the way they are being treated then they will always be with you as your forever clients.

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Mistakes to avoid while writing content

Over the past time, the importance of having a unique content has increased to attract the users. With the development, it would not be wrong to say that content is the king and plays a very useful role in holding and retaining the user’s attention and interest to the work.

writing content

In order to present the users with a unique and innovative content, the common mistakes that are made while writing the content should be avoided. Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid while writing your next content:

Mistakes to avoid while writing content

  1. Not doing research: Content is all about researching some unique aspects about the topic and then writing it down. To be very accurate in the writing, make sure you do enough research about the same so that you can present nothing but the facts.
  2. Not doing proofreading: It is important to be correct in your spellings to make your content readable. Therefore, not doing proofreading of the content can be one of the biggest mistakes that you can do. This will leave spelling mistakes in your content and will make readers lose interest in the content.
  3. Not selecting an interesting topic: Writing on anything and everything will not solve the purpose. You have to choose a topic that is interesting so that the readers can relate to the work and feel like reading the content.
  4. Complicating your writing: Don’t complicate the content when you can present the same in a simple form. Use simple words to express your thoughts so that everyone can easily understand what you want to say. Presenting the content in an over-complicated manner will harm your reputation.

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5 Ways Digital Marketing Powers Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Succeed


Are you short of funds to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur? You do not have to worry.

One of the best ways to raise funds for your startup is by crowdfunding. Yes, you can choose your kind of crowdfunding from the three kinds that are now prevalent.

  • Donation
  • Reward
  • Equity

Equity is the best pick for an entrepreneur. But how does one go about raising funds by this method? You need to resort to digital marketing for crowdfunding. You need to work with the right professionals, know who to target, and use the correct strategy. This way you will be successful in raising funds for your startup.

Yes using the process of digital marketing you may have to wait to see the results. The investors may usually see minimum five ads before he or she decides to invest in any business proposal that has come via the equity crowdfunding. The earlier you start your campaign the higher the chance of raising funds is.

There are many aspects of marketing to raise funds via Equity Crowdfunding. However following these 5 guidelines may pave the way for grabbing the attention of the potential investor. Only when you have raised enough funds can you work on the ideas of your startup. So you should put your ideas across in the most attractive way.

Facebook ads

For digital marketing of your campaign, you use the Facebook ads. This is one of the most effective ways to reach the investors and create an interest in them.

Twitter ads

You can use the Twitter ads page to do your digital marketing. This site has a credible reach among various groups of people. You may be able to catch their attention through this handle.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn another social media site also can be of help. This is mostly used by business fraternity so there is a good chance of your plea reaching the right people.

Search engine marketing

You can use the search engine marketing technique too. You can pay Google for some search terms. This will help traffic to be driven to your crowdfunding campaign site.

Email marketing

One of the most time-tested methods is email marketing. It has worked for many so there is less chance that it will fail you. There is nothing wrong in giving it a try and you may be surprised to get a few investors showing interest in your startup after receiving some emails and videos pertaining to your business venture.

These tips will surely help you raise some funds and your startup will see the light of day.

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Importance And Strategies of Digital Marketing

The world is fast turning into a digital world and the digital age is here to stay. People are finding digital solutions to everything so why not for marketing. Here comes the Digital Marketing.

value4brandThe Products and Services marketed via the digital technologies can be termed as digital marketing. In this digitized world, this kind of marketing is gaining more ground. Nowadays it is found that more and more people are connected to the internet and a higher number of people are using mobile phones, laptops, and PCs than before.

The different ways of digital marketing

  • Social Media Marketing – marketing done via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on.
  • Mobile Marketing- Marketing did via SMS, Mobile Ads, Mobile Apps.
  • Whatsapp Marketing
  • Email marketing- Marketing did via sending emails.
  • Google Adwords.
  • Search Engine Marketing and so an.

In nowadays Digital Marketing is the best and the cost-effective channel to reach the target customer and to boost the business revenue. There are many reasons that why we should choose Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing Methods:

  • Cost Effective than the old methods like the TV ads, and newspaper ads.
  • A faster way to put things across and communicate with the target audience.
  • The marketing strategy is more streamlined and uses practical ways.
  • Easy to trace and monitor results.
  • Easy to track consumer and customer response rates.
  • Gauge the success of the marketing campaign with ease and real-time
  • Enables to plan and strategize your marketing in the coming days as per the response.

The importance of digital marketing is growing because the digital platform is more extensively used than before and it is the preferred mode of communication especially among the young and the tech savvy.

This number is growing and a day may soon come when everyone on this globe has access to the internet and then it will be an all-digital world. Then the way to go will be digital only.

Hence it is prudent to switch over to the digital mode. The sooner and better what is your say?

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Google Adsense- A Simple Way To Make Money From The Internet

Make Money with Google AdSense – Value4Brand

Google Adsense is a program that helps you earn some money through the internet without doing a lot of hard work but a little of smart work. Anyone can join this Adsense program and it is free.

Google AdSense

Google has millions of websites and you too can have one of your own on this search engine. On this website, you can allow Google to display ads of other people.

The advertiser will be paying Google to place this ad then how are you going to benefit from this whole affair? It is pretty simple. When someone visits your website through Google Search and clicks on the ad placed on the website it gets noticed by Google.

Each click is paid which is called CPC which is known as cost per click. The rates for different kinds of ads are fixed and you can choose the category when you join the Adsense program.

The ads that are placed on any web page are relevant to the content of that page. For instance, if it is a web page that is covering a cricket match then ads pertaining to cricket gear, other cricket matches and tournaments, or anything related to cricket or sport may be placed on this page.

There are more chances of such ads getting clicks as this kind of page is visited by people interested in cricket. Higher the number of clicks more is the revenue generated by you.

But you may ask are these ads not annoying. No, they are not as the Google ads are not very intrusive. The content of the ad is relative to the website so it can be of great help to the visitor too. He or she may be able to know where to shop for quality cricket gear or may be able to update himself or herself with the upcoming matches.

It is a good and smart way to make some money out of the internet. Why not give it a try?

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CRO Tools coming to AdWords with new integrations | Value4Brand

Google’s annual summit for advertizer i.e. Google selling Next 2017 control in urban center brought a spread of product announcements as well as New Google Surveys 360 and Google Optimize integrations in AdWords.

With new integrations for Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 with AdWords, advertisers are ready to take a look at landing pages and gain insights concerning their ads additional expeditiously.

With the Optimize and AdWords integration, advertisers will quickly and simply produce new versions of their landing pages so apply them to any combination of AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and keywords – no cryptography or webmaster needed.

For example, on a summer clothing campaign, take a look at whether or not a landing page that options a picture of beachgoers performs higher than one that showcases your latest bathing costume designs.

Optimize can puzzle out that variation works best for your business and assist you get additional worth from your AdWords campaigns.


Optimize came out of beta at the top of March. The testing and personalization resolution ties in with Google Analytics.

Users will drag and drop page parts in an exceedingly visual editor while not having to use developer resources or edit raw markup language.

Also on the landing page front, a brand new landing page report section are going to be extra to the new AdWords interface (which, by the way, is rolling intent on more advertisers currently {and will|and will} be obtainable to everybody by year end) wherever advertisers can get information on bounce rates, conversion rates and mobile friendliness.

Google Surveys 360

Google Surveys 360 may be a paid enterprise-level resolution that’s a part of the Analytics 360 product suite.

Surveys 360 makes it simple for anyone to make a survey, realize a particular audience sample across the net, and generate ends up in simply many days. With the Surveys 360 and AdWords integration, you’ll simply target surveys to individuals in your remarketing audiences to assist you perceive the “why” behind however customers react to your promoting.


For example, ask customers what they thought was the most compelling part of your ad. Or, if you want to know what customers thought of the landing pages you tested on your summer beachwear campaign, quickly launch a survey and ask site visitors what stood out to them on the page.

Google though has kept a free version but at this point the integration is for the paid version.

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11 Methods for Online Reputation Management | Value4Brand

Methods for Online Reputation Management

SEO is an ongoing method and, if you invest the mandatory resources and time, it will bring the expected edges. you’ll be able to grow your quality and complete within the online surroundings and, what’s most vital for your business, it will increase sales or get contracts for the services that you give.Online reputation Management

However, this is not the only advantage that you just can get through the SEO method. you’ll be able to manage your online name, a really vital thing these days, considering the great development of social networks and therefore the quantity of knowledge you’ll be able to find out about an individual solely by looking out their name on Google. will Google grasp everything? style of, however we have a tendency to already grasp that. Let’s see what area unit the steps that ought to be completed on this line:

1. before undertaking any action, you wish to assess this state of affairs. it’s fairly simple to create a quest. Search your name on varied search engines then set looking out alarms for your name with Google Alerts. this manner you’ll grasp once there area unit mentions of your complete on the net.

2. If you discover things that you just don’t wish to seem on the net, it’s vital to recollect if you you denote them. for instance, footage that you just ought to have unbroken in an exceedingly private account. If you have got management over these posts, you can merely delete them. However, if you have got nothing to try and do with these posts, you can use the Google Removal Tool in order that the pages don’t seem in SERPs. If negative data concerning your complete seems on bound blogs or content sites, then you can not use Google choices for removing content from SERPs. you can solely use these choices if that website violates bound policies or laws.

3. If you discover negative things concerning you posted on a news website with high traffic, you can use a service referred to as “Create your brand” complete Yourself. you’ll be able to produce a positive profile together with your full name and as several positive links in your favor. The additional positive links you increase your profile, the negatives ones are going to be eliminated.

4. If you can not utterly eliminate the negative things, the sole answer is to form the maximum amount positive content and therefore, the negative results are going to be pushed lower and lower in ranking and high positions will be occupied with positive content that you just produce concerning yourself. Social networks play a very important role during this whole method of “changing your on-line reputation”. Facebook and Twitter bear on SEO, thus your activity on these 2 networks is vital.

5. Another SEO technique is making associate degree identity hub. this is often an honest thanks to highlight even additional positive things concerning yourself, the links to any or all the positive’s content try and bring it to the individuals.

6. you wish a website name that has your name, if attainable. the total plan is to inform the robots that page is concerning you, typically victimisation your name in headers and tabs. For brands, you’ll be able to additionally produce microsites that rank for the search of your complete.

7. attempt the simplest ways to draw in links to your page, quality links that count as votes of confidence. don’t forget the links on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Positive mentions in Social Media can help within the long run and therefore you’ll be ready to produce a transparent image of the complete that you just promote.

8. Another smart factor that you just will do is to post contemporary and positive content as typically as attainable. For the content that you just produce and post to be seen by as many of us as attainable, it’s higher to use social media feeds on your journal then you posts are going to be distributed mechanically.

9. Actively participate and detain bit with individuals in your online community. Post on blogs and forums within the same space, provide regeneration to others. If you move with others on their sites, these interactions can facilitate in building your online name.

10. try and register on sites that permit you to publish articles and press releases. you can publish weekly articles a couple of topic that you just area unit enthusiastic about which you’re smart at.

11. you’ll be able to register your journal in well-known journal directories, as Zelist or ToateBlogurile. you’ll be able to undoubtedly realize additional. you’ll be able to use advanced search in Google, like: related: These area unit simply a number of ways in which can assist you build an internet name or to stay the one you antecedently engineered intact.

Probably one of the best tips is to avoid sharing too personal data with others, things that may flip against you later, things that may be seen by folks that are not supposed to see them. once you wish to distribute such data, you want to think about whom they’re addressed to, otherwise you will build additional circles of friends, acquaintances, individuals at work, and show every circle various things. you have got Google and for this.

Rather than having personal data concerning yourself shared, you may wish to share things that you just like, that area unit a part of your sphere of interest, or to write down concerning topics that you just area unit superb at, therefore making original and helpful content which will definitely assist you individualize on-line. we have a tendency to advocate a really helpful article concerning online name management on Value4brand blog.

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