How can Influencers help in Online Reputation?

Influencer marketing has been playing a decent role in managing your online reputation. The niche has been well considered by people that it has turned into a job. This has made brands to think again about their budget and marketing strategies. Since the inception of social media, there has been a rise in social media influencers. However, to engage with the consumers, brads are utilizing influencer strategy to promote their products and services to reach the potential audience. Even Online reputation management service suggests brands to establish their presence online through influencer marketing as it builds trust among the users.

Since influencers have a positive relationship with their audience, it makes easier to build trust among the potential customer base. When you collaborate with influencers, it will help you reach the audience that follows them as well as targeting the potential customers. This will help you in achieving your business goals and improve your reputation online. Influencer culture has exponentially grown in these years and we see no slowing down in the coming years.

A social media influencer because of their expertise and knowledge in specific niche has a distinct following. So, these influencers post and engage with their followers on a regular basis to have meaningful relationship with the people whom they do not outside their social platform. Influencers share content like collaborations with other influencers, brand sponsorships, posts about their niche and snaps of their day-to-day life. Followers of such influencers find their content relatable. Even if an influencer is posting about certain products, it is possible that the followers might end up buying it.

Here are a few factors listed by Value4Brand that determine influence.

  • Celebrity Status – Before social media was established, it were the celebrities that had been influencing people. Celebrities play a major role in influencer marketing, but for an influencer campaign, celebrities have not been the first choices of a few brands. It is because they are expensive. Brands usually target influencers with a small budget but better target audiences than the celebrities.
  • Followers & Engagement – The objective of choosing an influencer is to reach the targeted audience base. However, when choosing an influencer, the primary objective is their engagement and the secondary objective is the number of followers. Number of followers might be credible but engagement with followers and non-followers plays a major role. Therefore, if you pitch an influencer with a limited number of followers but have higher engagement, you can expect to get better conversion rate. ORM Agencies helps such brands with different marketing strategies to improve their online reputation.

Influencers have a great impact on the followers, which is an essential element in developing a brand’s identity and online reputation. Collaborating with influencers can help the brand in reaching the target audience which might not be possible with other marketing strategies. Therefore, investing in an ORM Agency will help you in marketing strategies as well as boosting your online reputation.

Responding to Negative Reviews on Social Media

Social media has given customers a simple way of posting reviews about the services of a business. When the reviews about a particular brand or business are good, the quality of its products or services gets brilliantly reflected.

Contrary to that, negative reviews by customers can affect the quality as well as further sales of that brand or business. In some situations, your venture can also be affected by such negative reviews. How you respond to these reviews will give you a chance to prevent your reputation from being hampered. 

How should You Respond to Negative Reviews on Social Media?

Negative reviews about any brand or business on social media are inevitable. The way such reviews are responded is a great way of showing how much you care about your customers. An online reputation management company in India, Value4Brand is of the opinion that your response to your customers shows that you are concerned and willing to give them a better customer experience in future.

With expertise in handling negative reviews, this ORM company believes negative reviews on social media should be handled positively and professionally at all times. When any visitor or customer sees that review and your way of responding, he/she will only have a positive opinion about your brand or business.

Begin your response by thanking the customer for bringing the concern to your attention. Then apologize to the customer for an unhappy experience. Make sure that, in your response, you avoid making any excuse for the unlikely experience of your customer. In case possible, provide a solution to the customer in the response. Or you can leave any link or contact information to solve the problem.

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As per the advice of this online reputation management company in India, you should end your response by giving assurance to the customer that a positive experience will be provided to him/her in future.


Handling negative reviews professionally and responding to them in a positive way will remove bad opinions about your brand or business. And your unhappy customers will have a better opinion too.

Why Giving Quick Response to Customers is Important?

When your business is present on social media, you ought to get queries from visitors and customers. Whether your business is big or small, you are likely to receive queries any time of the day.

Responding to the queries of your customers and visitors is much appreciated. And when you are quick in your response, then that can be good for your business in several ways, as is said by Value4Brand, a leading online reputation management company in Delhi.

Let us read more to see why responding quickly to your customers and visitors is essential and how it can benefit your business.

Customers Appreciate Quick Responses

One of the first reasons that you should respond quickly to your customers is that it is an impressive act. Customers often have questions to ask about your products. Or they might want to know more about your services. Your customers can grow impatient when they do not receive a quick response. In some cases, they can even choose your competitor over you.

Responding quickly to their queries prevents your customers from getting impatient. Additionally, when their queries are settled in the shortest time possible, they hold a very positive opinion about your business.

Quick Responses Make Your Customers Feel More Concerned

According to this online reputation management company in Delhi, when you deliver a fast response to customer queries, they feel well taken care of. It also assures them that in case of any problems with your product or services, you will be there to assist them at the earliest.

Also, when such queries are posted by visitors who have never purchased from you, it shows that they are preferring your business. Settling their query with a fast response gives you a chance of turning them into your customers.

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To Conclude

Responding quickly to your customers or visitors is one of the great ways of improving your bond with them. They will appreciate you for answering their queries quickly. Also, it will give them a sense that you are highly concerned about your customers and visitors.

Top Video Marketing Trends to watch for in 2019

Video marketing is now becoming the sought after marketing method for brands. With the social media gaining more and more users, the acceptance of video marketing has witnessed a huge spike. Be it how to use the product or introduction of new product, brands are using video marketing as a method to reach out to the maximum audience. It has helped many companies in boosting sales and reaching out the maximum audience. In 2018, this marketing method witnessed too many innovations and with 2019 approaching companies the trend is getting better and better.

According to marketing experts, video marketing will draw more than 80 percent of internet traffic globally by 2019. Similarly, video embedded in email marketing campaigns will result in rise of click-through rate by 200-300 percent.

A top reputed digital marketing agency will ensure that its clients get the trendy aspect of video marketing for business growth.

Let us now check some top video marketing trends to watch for in 2019-

  • Increase in Live Streaming Services-

Today more and more companies are going live to stream on social media platform during product launch. This gives direct view to the audience and creates hype in the social media platform. These live videos are created anywhere, anytime and require zero investment. In 2019, more and more companies will use live streaming service to reach out the maximum audience. Even new channels are using this platform to present live news coverage on social media platform.

  • Videos will sync with devices we use-

More and more people are browsing on internet than their laptops and desktop devices. This means that the method of creating videos is different than before and is compatible to mobile viewing. The shapes and size of the mobile screen will also indicate the shape of videos created these days. Earlier, videos were created in vertical method, but now they are switched over to square-shaped videos.

  • E-learning will get major boost-

Video marketing is not limited to product promotion, but also for e-learning. Online education portal will use video marketing as the platform to promote new courses among the target audience. With this, students don’t need to be confined with classroom by incorporating the necessary training materials into videos.  Top e-learning companies have learned the importance of video marketing and will use it largely to promote the course.

  • V-Logging gaining more Momentum-

Although in 2019 it won’t be a new thing, but more and more creative people will indulge into video marketing process. The virtual reality technology used in videos embedded within the blog will appeal more to the customers. This will further help v-loggers to earn money through blogs. These v-loggers can use these video marketing techniques in creating channels in YouTube to gain more momentum and traffic to their blog.

Digital marketing agency with trending video marketing tools will further boost the use of this platform so that brands can marketing their product effectively. Digital agencies will use this platform in a more creative way to promote the brand to wider audience.

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7 Critical Tasks you must outsource to Digital Marketing Agency

If you are running a company and have a goal of X revenue for the next 5 years, then you need a support system that can help in reaching the goal. This is the when you need to invest on digital marketing agency that can handle the outsourcing work. A best digital marketing agency is the one that can take care of every aspect of critical tasks involved to marketing the brand or the company.


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Let us now discuss on 7 such critical tasks involved which a company should outsource to digital marketing agency:

  1. Website Design and Branding:

Website is the first impression which draws attention from visitors. A good website having appealing design with right elements and soothing colour will gain good number of visitors that can help in increasing the traffic. This further helps in branding the company and service. Digital marketing agency works best in this term of working on the design of the site and also branding it effectively.

  1. SEO:

The most important aspect of the website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which if done with right implementation process then can help gaining traffic to the site. Google constantly reinvents algorithm which can only be understood by professional SEO team. A best digital marketing agency has professional SEO team that undertakes the job of managing keywords, optimizing of the entire site and other aspects of the site.

  1. Content Marketing:

An important part of digital marketing process, outsourcing content marketing to a digital marketing agency will serve fruitful. According to one study, a company that blogs can generate 55 percent of more visitors, 97 percent more inbound links and other benefits. The digital marketing team will consider elements like- Infographics, Videos, Case Studies, etc.

  1. Social Media:

From Instagram to Facebook and Twitter, social media platform is on a new high with every company having its footprint on it. Social media is the right platform to engage with customers and potential clients. Marketing agencies with promotional campaigns and other effective methods can prove beneficial to market the brand in larger way.

  1. Influencer Marketing:

For a brand, building social media presence could be time consuming. So using social media influencers could be very helpful and can have major impact on the brand. Companies that invest on influencer marketing can earn good return. Platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram are best platform to make use of influencers. Digital marketing agencies connect with these influencers to market the brand that can bring good return for long term.

  1. Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing:

It is commonly witnessed that people who regularly visited to your site and downloaded the resource, suddenly disappear. This is something that you need to worry upon. A best digital marketing agency works on lead nurturing which can create sales opportunities. The team first identifies which is the best lead that can create sales opportunity and help in earning revenue. Similarly, marketing automation technology like software and chatbots makes the lead nurturing further effective.

  1. Account based Marketing:

The idea behind this marketing is to spend more than the revenue expectation. With the use of technology, digital marketing agency works on the ads placement and generates more revenue than investment. It is important that the marketing succeeds in it message and is tailored effectively.

Value4Brand are #1 SEO Company in India offering SEO Services, Website Design, Web Development, Online Reputation Management and Digital Marketing.

Top Best Practices to Follow in Facebook for Business

Over the years, Facebook has become the important medium of marketing the brand or product to a wider audience. With almost billions of Facebook users today, companies have a maximum chance of getting exposure in the digital medium. Businesses are constantly challenged to increase the number of followers and stay competitive in the market. Handling the situation by self is quite difficult, so hiring a digital marketing agency becomes important. The best digital marketing agency in India is the one that has all the tools that can help in marketing the business on Facebook. Following the best practices of Facebook for business marketing will certainly lead to better ROI for the long term.

When you look for a digital marketing agency in India, it is important to know what practices the agency would follow to stay in market through Facebook.

Let us check some of the best FB best practices:

  • Know the Target Audience:

One of the effective Facebook practices followed by digital marketing agency in India is to know the target audience. Facebook offers business insights or third-party social media management app helping business to know the audience demographic and other information. With this insight, the company will focus on developing content and engage in brand promotion.

  • Creating Engaging Content:

More and more people spend their time on FB and when they come across any appealing content, they browse for more. It is important that you create engaging content through text or video format. Asking open-needed questions and posting interesting facts related to your business or service, is what the best digital marketing agency does.

  • Go for Paid Advertising:

The paid advertising on FB further boosts the marketing of the brand. In fact, it is the best way to gain more audience for the brand. With billions of users, taking the opportunity of paid advertising helps in acquiring new customers and increase the conversion rate.

  • Using Facebook Features:

FB offers multiple features including the FB Live that gives the sneak peek of the brand you are promoting. A leading digital marketing agency in India understands how essential these Facebook features including Live could be to gain interaction with the target audiance

Top 4 Reasons why SlideShare is the best Marketing Platform for Business

According to the report by Social Media Experts, more than 85% of content marketers don’t use SlideShare. In fact, SlideShare majorly used by individuals to post projects. However, lately, companies have understood the importance of using SlideShare for business. It is now a major platform used by companies as a part of marketing. Every month, the website receives more than 60 million unique visitors which is a great way of getting traffic and market brands. However, the major role played by marketing in SlideShare is the presentation of the slide and how well the market presents the brand to the audience. Although the main demographic of SlideShare is B2B, B2C also has come to the role that can serve the major purpose of company to reach its target audience.



Value4Brand, a leading digital marketing company in Delhi has suggested using SlideShare as a purpose of marketing the product or services. Let us now check why brands are concentrating on SlideShare for marketing purpose:

  1. Better Content Reaching Ability:

A marketer having the right idea about the right timing to post will certainly get positive result. Mobile users are active between 8.AM and 2 PM which is the right time to post the slide. This way your content will have a wider reach.

  1. Good Visuals have good Traffic:

A SlideShare presentation with high visuals will have greater chance to get traffic. Good visuals have the ability to increase the retention by 42%. Moreover, our brain processes images 60 times faster than text. This is because visuals can be easily understood rather than just adding bullets.

  1. Tagging Systems to Identify Presentation:

SlideShare has its own tagging system that allows identifying the presentation of the brand or product. The marketer should have a good knowledge about the tagging system and right tags to use.

  1. Smart Analytics:

SlideShare gives smart analytics to the user. It has the feature to tell from where the traffic comes from, measure engagement for each upload and what is being downloaded. This smart analytics allows for better presentation.

About Value4Brand

If you need someone with advanced skills for Brand Reputation Management Services in Delhi, then connect with Value4Brand so that you can create the best profile for your business on Instagram. Using the skills of an adept online brand management team will create brand awareness. The brand reputation management will be handled in such a way that products will be able to penetrate into a cutthroat competition and emerge victorious.

3 Paid Search Mistakes Web Owners Make

Search engines make money when advertisers use them for a long haul. If there are any changes done in the paid search engine method, then it will benefit advertisers. Paid search is the most effective way followed by web owners. However, it is important to make the best use of the paid search without any mistake because it will lead to the negative effect on the earning. The best way is to seek assistance from experts that can help in getting the best use of paid search engine.

Let us check 3 mistakes web owners are making on paid search:

  1. Focusing on keywords or search terms:

Until a few years back, keywords were gold standards to create ads. But as the time changed and improved search algorithms started emerging, focus on keywords started losing its grip. So you need to start looking beyond keywords. Having paid search on your side, you will get full transparency in what user searched to trigger your ad. By focusing on search terms will help in reverse engineering by creating keyword lists.

  1. Blending with the Crowd:

People search for the brand because they heard about your brand and knows it is different from others. Users spend most of their time on the search engine, and so it is important to be in brief window. With Ad extensions, web owners are provided with additional information in search ads through price extensions, value propositions, and callout extensions.

  1. Try to Attract Audience:

Every penny spent on paid search should focus on all circles of an audience. If you or your team doesn’t have exact idea about the keywords or targeting terms, then 100 percent of your budget should be allocated keyword research work and be using it accordingly. You can even employ campaign structure to uncover which search terms will give the desired result.

About Value4Brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital Marketing Company in New Delhi, India. Backed by the team of professional digital marketing professionals, the company helps to build, repair, manage and promote their brand globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. Equipped with advanced tools and TAT based processes, we ensure a strategic solution for the company.

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Top E-Commerce Retail Trends to watch for in 2018

2017 has been a great year for e-commerce retail websites, in terms of monetary growth and introduction of fresh concepts. As we enter into 2018, there will be new approach and trends dominating the e-commerce world. New technologies, SEO prospects and other aspects will be certainly dominating the e-commerce retail.

Value4Brand E-commerce Retail Trends

E-commerce sites need to adopt this change and work to bring the best result. Let us now check some of the big trends to watch for in e-commerce retail business:


1) Big Data and Analytics getting Sharper:

There is no doubt that big data and analytics have changed the face of every sector. It has certainly replaced the old methods of working and analyzing the growth of the business. Both will help in assessing the customers’ demand; understand customer experience and other aspects.

2) Mobile Usage:

The use of mobile for online shopping will certainly see a huge spike. Today, every 3 out of 5 people owns a smartphone and online shopping has become a trend. More than 50% of e-commerce sales take place through the smartphone. According to the reports from Goldman Sachs, the global revenue share from mobile e-commerce will be more than $626 billion.

3) Supply Chain Management will witness big change:

A supply chain is the most important aspect of e-commerce industry and in 2018, there will be more improvement. Automation, Data Sharing, and Customer-Centric will be three most advanced factors that will increase the prospect.

4) Micro-Moments Marketing taking over:

Micro-moments are touch points which customers research about the product. With the use of the device like- Think with Google, Micro-moments will be the hottest trend in 2018 for e-commerce. I want to know moments, I want to go moments, I want to do and I want to buy moments.

About Value4brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital Marketing company in New Delhi, India. With the team of Best Digital Marketing professionals, Value4Brand help the companies to build, repair, manage and promote their brand globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. We provide tailor-made solutions to the clients after analyzing their needs and requirements. Value4Brand strongly believes in client’s satisfaction by providing the quality results.

Value4Brand Reviews Management Services

We make online review management easy.

First, you need to know about review management –

Online Reputation Management (Reputation Marketing) are strategies that help businesses improve and respond to online reviews customers leave about their business on popular review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List and others.

Here are some eye-opening stats from a recent study by Invespro.

  • 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.
  • 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Consumers are likely to spend 31 percent more on a business with “excellent” reviews.
  • 72 percent say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.
  • 92 percent of consumers say they will use a local business if it has at least a five-star rating.
  • 72 percent of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review.
  • A single negative review can cost a business about 30 customers.

Why reviews are important?

  • Helps in increasing business.
  • Aids consumers decision making.
  • Creates awareness of the brand.
  • Facilitates Consumer engagement.
  • Builds a relation between the customer and the brand.

Value4Brand help the companies to maintain their reviews and manage the same.We understand the importance of a review for any organization thus we have a solution to it.

Value4Brand Reviews