Top 4 Reasons why SlideShare is the best Marketing Platform for Business

According to the report by Social Media Experts, more than 85% of content marketers don’t use SlideShare. In fact, SlideShare majorly used by individuals to post projects. However, lately, companies have understood the importance of using SlideShare for business. It is now a major platform used by companies as a part of marketing. Every month, the website receives more than 60 million unique visitors which is a great way of getting traffic and market brands. However, the major role played by marketing in SlideShare is the presentation of the slide and how well the market presents the brand to the audience. Although the main demographic of SlideShare is B2B, B2C also has come to the role that can serve the major purpose of company to reach its target audience.



Value4Brand, a leading digital marketing company in Delhi has suggested using SlideShare as a purpose of marketing the product or services. Let us now check why brands are concentrating on SlideShare for marketing purpose:

  1. Better Content Reaching Ability:

A marketer having the right idea about the right timing to post will certainly get positive result. Mobile users are active between 8.AM and 2 PM which is the right time to post the slide. This way your content will have a wider reach.

  1. Good Visuals have good Traffic:

A SlideShare presentation with high visuals will have greater chance to get traffic. Good visuals have the ability to increase the retention by 42%. Moreover, our brain processes images 60 times faster than text. This is because visuals can be easily understood rather than just adding bullets.

  1. Tagging Systems to Identify Presentation:

SlideShare has its own tagging system that allows identifying the presentation of the brand or product. The marketer should have a good knowledge about the tagging system and right tags to use.

  1. Smart Analytics:

SlideShare gives smart analytics to the user. It has the feature to tell from where the traffic comes from, measure engagement for each upload and what is being downloaded. This smart analytics allows for better presentation.

About Value4Brand

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