Top Video Marketing Trends to watch for in 2019

Video marketing is now becoming the sought after marketing method for brands. With the social media gaining more and more users, the acceptance of video marketing has witnessed a huge spike. Be it how to use the product or introduction of new product, brands are using video marketing as a method to reach out to the maximum audience. It has helped many companies in boosting sales and reaching out the maximum audience. In 2018, this marketing method witnessed too many innovations and with 2019 approaching companies the trend is getting better and better.

According to marketing experts, video marketing will draw more than 80 percent of internet traffic globally by 2019. Similarly, video embedded in email marketing campaigns will result in rise of click-through rate by 200-300 percent.

A top reputed digital marketing agency will ensure that its clients get the trendy aspect of video marketing for business growth.

Let us now check some top video marketing trends to watch for in 2019-

  • Increase in Live Streaming Services-

Today more and more companies are going live to stream on social media platform during product launch. This gives direct view to the audience and creates hype in the social media platform. These live videos are created anywhere, anytime and require zero investment. In 2019, more and more companies will use live streaming service to reach out the maximum audience. Even new channels are using this platform to present live news coverage on social media platform.

  • Videos will sync with devices we use-

More and more people are browsing on internet than their laptops and desktop devices. This means that the method of creating videos is different than before and is compatible to mobile viewing. The shapes and size of the mobile screen will also indicate the shape of videos created these days. Earlier, videos were created in vertical method, but now they are switched over to square-shaped videos.

  • E-learning will get major boost-

Video marketing is not limited to product promotion, but also for e-learning. Online education portal will use video marketing as the platform to promote new courses among the target audience. With this, students don’t need to be confined with classroom by incorporating the necessary training materials into videos.  Top e-learning companies have learned the importance of video marketing and will use it largely to promote the course.

  • V-Logging gaining more Momentum-

Although in 2019 it won’t be a new thing, but more and more creative people will indulge into video marketing process. The virtual reality technology used in videos embedded within the blog will appeal more to the customers. This will further help v-loggers to earn money through blogs. These v-loggers can use these video marketing techniques in creating channels in YouTube to gain more momentum and traffic to their blog.

Digital marketing agency with trending video marketing tools will further boost the use of this platform so that brands can marketing their product effectively. Digital agencies will use this platform in a more creative way to promote the brand to wider audience.

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Top Best Practices to Follow in Facebook for Business

Over the years, Facebook has become the important medium of marketing the brand or product to a wider audience. With almost billions of Facebook users today, companies have a maximum chance of getting exposure in the digital medium. Businesses are constantly challenged to increase the number of followers and stay competitive in the market. Handling the situation by self is quite difficult, so hiring a digital marketing agency becomes important. The best digital marketing agency in India is the one that has all the tools that can help in marketing the business on Facebook. Following the best practices of Facebook for business marketing will certainly lead to better ROI for the long term.

When you look for a digital marketing agency in India, it is important to know what practices the agency would follow to stay in market through Facebook.

Let us check some of the best FB best practices:

  • Know the Target Audience:

One of the effective Facebook practices followed by digital marketing agency in India is to know the target audience. Facebook offers business insights or third-party social media management app helping business to know the audience demographic and other information. With this insight, the company will focus on developing content and engage in brand promotion.

  • Creating Engaging Content:

More and more people spend their time on FB and when they come across any appealing content, they browse for more. It is important that you create engaging content through text or video format. Asking open-needed questions and posting interesting facts related to your business or service, is what the best digital marketing agency does.

  • Go for Paid Advertising:

The paid advertising on FB further boosts the marketing of the brand. In fact, it is the best way to gain more audience for the brand. With billions of users, taking the opportunity of paid advertising helps in acquiring new customers and increase the conversion rate.

  • Using Facebook Features:

FB offers multiple features including the FB Live that gives the sneak peek of the brand you are promoting. A leading digital marketing agency in India understands how essential these Facebook features including Live could be to gain interaction with the target audiance

Importance And Strategies of Digital Marketing

The world is fast turning into a digital world and the digital age is here to stay. People are finding digital solutions to everything so why not for marketing. Here comes the Digital Marketing.

value4brandThe Products and Services marketed via the digital technologies can be termed as digital marketing. In this digitized world, this kind of marketing is gaining more ground. Nowadays it is found that more and more people are connected to the internet and a higher number of people are using mobile phones, laptops, and PCs than before.

The different ways of digital marketing

  • Social Media Marketing – marketing done via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on.
  • Mobile Marketing- Marketing did via SMS, Mobile Ads, Mobile Apps.
  • Whatsapp Marketing
  • Email marketing- Marketing did via sending emails.
  • Google Adwords.
  • Search Engine Marketing and so an.

In nowadays Digital Marketing is the best and the cost-effective channel to reach the target customer and to boost the business revenue. There are many reasons that why we should choose Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing Methods:

  • Cost Effective than the old methods like the TV ads, and newspaper ads.
  • A faster way to put things across and communicate with the target audience.
  • The marketing strategy is more streamlined and uses practical ways.
  • Easy to trace and monitor results.
  • Easy to track consumer and customer response rates.
  • Gauge the success of the marketing campaign with ease and real-time
  • Enables to plan and strategize your marketing in the coming days as per the response.

The importance of digital marketing is growing because the digital platform is more extensively used than before and it is the preferred mode of communication especially among the young and the tech savvy.

This number is growing and a day may soon come when everyone on this globe has access to the internet and then it will be an all-digital world. Then the way to go will be digital only.

Hence it is prudent to switch over to the digital mode. The sooner and better what is your say?

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