Responding to Negative Reviews on Social Media

Social media has given customers a simple way of posting reviews about the services of a business. When the reviews about a particular brand or business are good, the quality of its products or services gets brilliantly reflected.

Contrary to that, negative reviews by customers can affect the quality as well as further sales of that brand or business. In some situations, your venture can also be affected by such negative reviews. How you respond to these reviews will give you a chance to prevent your reputation from being hampered. 

How should You Respond to Negative Reviews on Social Media?

Negative reviews about any brand or business on social media are inevitable. The way such reviews are responded is a great way of showing how much you care about your customers. An online reputation management company in India, Value4Brand is of the opinion that your response to your customers shows that you are concerned and willing to give them a better customer experience in future.

With expertise in handling negative reviews, this ORM company believes negative reviews on social media should be handled positively and professionally at all times. When any visitor or customer sees that review and your way of responding, he/she will only have a positive opinion about your brand or business.

Begin your response by thanking the customer for bringing the concern to your attention. Then apologize to the customer for an unhappy experience. Make sure that, in your response, you avoid making any excuse for the unlikely experience of your customer. In case possible, provide a solution to the customer in the response. Or you can leave any link or contact information to solve the problem.

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As per the advice of this online reputation management company in India, you should end your response by giving assurance to the customer that a positive experience will be provided to him/her in future.


Handling negative reviews professionally and responding to them in a positive way will remove bad opinions about your brand or business. And your unhappy customers will have a better opinion too.

Top Best Practices to Follow in Facebook for Business

Over the years, Facebook has become the important medium of marketing the brand or product to a wider audience. With almost billions of Facebook users today, companies have a maximum chance of getting exposure in the digital medium. Businesses are constantly challenged to increase the number of followers and stay competitive in the market. Handling the situation by self is quite difficult, so hiring a digital marketing agency becomes important. The best digital marketing agency in India is the one that has all the tools that can help in marketing the business on Facebook. Following the best practices of Facebook for business marketing will certainly lead to better ROI for the long term.

When you look for a digital marketing agency in India, it is important to know what practices the agency would follow to stay in market through Facebook.

Let us check some of the best FB best practices:

  • Know the Target Audience:

One of the effective Facebook practices followed by digital marketing agency in India is to know the target audience. Facebook offers business insights or third-party social media management app helping business to know the audience demographic and other information. With this insight, the company will focus on developing content and engage in brand promotion.

  • Creating Engaging Content:

More and more people spend their time on FB and when they come across any appealing content, they browse for more. It is important that you create engaging content through text or video format. Asking open-needed questions and posting interesting facts related to your business or service, is what the best digital marketing agency does.

  • Go for Paid Advertising:

The paid advertising on FB further boosts the marketing of the brand. In fact, it is the best way to gain more audience for the brand. With billions of users, taking the opportunity of paid advertising helps in acquiring new customers and increase the conversion rate.

  • Using Facebook Features:

FB offers multiple features including the FB Live that gives the sneak peek of the brand you are promoting. A leading digital marketing agency in India understands how essential these Facebook features including Live could be to gain interaction with the target audiance