How can Influencers help in Online Reputation?

Influencer marketing has been playing a decent role in managing your online reputation. The niche has been well considered by people that it has turned into a job. This has made brands to think again about their budget and marketing strategies. Since the inception of social media, there has been a rise in social media influencers. However, to engage with the consumers, brads are utilizing influencer strategy to promote their products and services to reach the potential audience. Even Online reputation management service suggests brands to establish their presence online through influencer marketing as it builds trust among the users.

Since influencers have a positive relationship with their audience, it makes easier to build trust among the potential customer base. When you collaborate with influencers, it will help you reach the audience that follows them as well as targeting the potential customers. This will help you in achieving your business goals and improve your reputation online. Influencer culture has exponentially grown in these years and we see no slowing down in the coming years.

A social media influencer because of their expertise and knowledge in specific niche has a distinct following. So, these influencers post and engage with their followers on a regular basis to have meaningful relationship with the people whom they do not outside their social platform. Influencers share content like collaborations with other influencers, brand sponsorships, posts about their niche and snaps of their day-to-day life. Followers of such influencers find their content relatable. Even if an influencer is posting about certain products, it is possible that the followers might end up buying it.

Here are a few factors listed by Value4Brand that determine influence.

  • Celebrity Status – Before social media was established, it were the celebrities that had been influencing people. Celebrities play a major role in influencer marketing, but for an influencer campaign, celebrities have not been the first choices of a few brands. It is because they are expensive. Brands usually target influencers with a small budget but better target audiences than the celebrities.
  • Followers & Engagement – The objective of choosing an influencer is to reach the targeted audience base. However, when choosing an influencer, the primary objective is their engagement and the secondary objective is the number of followers. Number of followers might be credible but engagement with followers and non-followers plays a major role. Therefore, if you pitch an influencer with a limited number of followers but have higher engagement, you can expect to get better conversion rate. ORM Agencies helps such brands with different marketing strategies to improve their online reputation.

Influencers have a great impact on the followers, which is an essential element in developing a brand’s identity and online reputation. Collaborating with influencers can help the brand in reaching the target audience which might not be possible with other marketing strategies. Therefore, investing in an ORM Agency will help you in marketing strategies as well as boosting your online reputation.

Top Best Practices to Follow in Facebook for Business

Over the years, Facebook has become the important medium of marketing the brand or product to a wider audience. With almost billions of Facebook users today, companies have a maximum chance of getting exposure in the digital medium. Businesses are constantly challenged to increase the number of followers and stay competitive in the market. Handling the situation by self is quite difficult, so hiring a digital marketing agency becomes important. The best digital marketing agency in India is the one that has all the tools that can help in marketing the business on Facebook. Following the best practices of Facebook for business marketing will certainly lead to better ROI for the long term.

When you look for a digital marketing agency in India, it is important to know what practices the agency would follow to stay in market through Facebook.

Let us check some of the best FB best practices:

  • Know the Target Audience:

One of the effective Facebook practices followed by digital marketing agency in India is to know the target audience. Facebook offers business insights or third-party social media management app helping business to know the audience demographic and other information. With this insight, the company will focus on developing content and engage in brand promotion.

  • Creating Engaging Content:

More and more people spend their time on FB and when they come across any appealing content, they browse for more. It is important that you create engaging content through text or video format. Asking open-needed questions and posting interesting facts related to your business or service, is what the best digital marketing agency does.

  • Go for Paid Advertising:

The paid advertising on FB further boosts the marketing of the brand. In fact, it is the best way to gain more audience for the brand. With billions of users, taking the opportunity of paid advertising helps in acquiring new customers and increase the conversion rate.

  • Using Facebook Features:

FB offers multiple features including the FB Live that gives the sneak peek of the brand you are promoting. A leading digital marketing agency in India understands how essential these Facebook features including Live could be to gain interaction with the target audiance

Top 4 Reasons why SlideShare is the best Marketing Platform for Business

According to the report by Social Media Experts, more than 85% of content marketers don’t use SlideShare. In fact, SlideShare majorly used by individuals to post projects. However, lately, companies have understood the importance of using SlideShare for business. It is now a major platform used by companies as a part of marketing. Every month, the website receives more than 60 million unique visitors which is a great way of getting traffic and market brands. However, the major role played by marketing in SlideShare is the presentation of the slide and how well the market presents the brand to the audience. Although the main demographic of SlideShare is B2B, B2C also has come to the role that can serve the major purpose of company to reach its target audience.



Value4Brand, a leading digital marketing company in Delhi has suggested using SlideShare as a purpose of marketing the product or services. Let us now check why brands are concentrating on SlideShare for marketing purpose:

  1. Better Content Reaching Ability:

A marketer having the right idea about the right timing to post will certainly get positive result. Mobile users are active between 8.AM and 2 PM which is the right time to post the slide. This way your content will have a wider reach.

  1. Good Visuals have good Traffic:

A SlideShare presentation with high visuals will have greater chance to get traffic. Good visuals have the ability to increase the retention by 42%. Moreover, our brain processes images 60 times faster than text. This is because visuals can be easily understood rather than just adding bullets.

  1. Tagging Systems to Identify Presentation:

SlideShare has its own tagging system that allows identifying the presentation of the brand or product. The marketer should have a good knowledge about the tagging system and right tags to use.

  1. Smart Analytics:

SlideShare gives smart analytics to the user. It has the feature to tell from where the traffic comes from, measure engagement for each upload and what is being downloaded. This smart analytics allows for better presentation.

About Value4Brand

If you need someone with advanced skills for Brand Reputation Management Services in Delhi, then connect with Value4Brand so that you can create the best profile for your business on Instagram. Using the skills of an adept online brand management team will create brand awareness. The brand reputation management will be handled in such a way that products will be able to penetrate into a cutthroat competition and emerge victorious.

3 Paid Search Mistakes Web Owners Make

Search engines make money when advertisers use them for a long haul. If there are any changes done in the paid search engine method, then it will benefit advertisers. Paid search is the most effective way followed by web owners. However, it is important to make the best use of the paid search without any mistake because it will lead to the negative effect on the earning. The best way is to seek assistance from experts that can help in getting the best use of paid search engine.

Let us check 3 mistakes web owners are making on paid search:

  1. Focusing on keywords or search terms:

Until a few years back, keywords were gold standards to create ads. But as the time changed and improved search algorithms started emerging, focus on keywords started losing its grip. So you need to start looking beyond keywords. Having paid search on your side, you will get full transparency in what user searched to trigger your ad. By focusing on search terms will help in reverse engineering by creating keyword lists.

  1. Blending with the Crowd:

People search for the brand because they heard about your brand and knows it is different from others. Users spend most of their time on the search engine, and so it is important to be in brief window. With Ad extensions, web owners are provided with additional information in search ads through price extensions, value propositions, and callout extensions.

  1. Try to Attract Audience:

Every penny spent on paid search should focus on all circles of an audience. If you or your team doesn’t have exact idea about the keywords or targeting terms, then 100 percent of your budget should be allocated keyword research work and be using it accordingly. You can even employ campaign structure to uncover which search terms will give the desired result.

About Value4Brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital Marketing Company in New Delhi, India. Backed by the team of professional digital marketing professionals, the company helps to build, repair, manage and promote their brand globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. Equipped with advanced tools and TAT based processes, we ensure a strategic solution for the company.

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Top E-Commerce Retail Trends to watch for in 2018

2017 has been a great year for e-commerce retail websites, in terms of monetary growth and introduction of fresh concepts. As we enter into 2018, there will be new approach and trends dominating the e-commerce world. New technologies, SEO prospects and other aspects will be certainly dominating the e-commerce retail.

Value4Brand E-commerce Retail Trends

E-commerce sites need to adopt this change and work to bring the best result. Let us now check some of the big trends to watch for in e-commerce retail business:


1) Big Data and Analytics getting Sharper:

There is no doubt that big data and analytics have changed the face of every sector. It has certainly replaced the old methods of working and analyzing the growth of the business. Both will help in assessing the customers’ demand; understand customer experience and other aspects.

2) Mobile Usage:

The use of mobile for online shopping will certainly see a huge spike. Today, every 3 out of 5 people owns a smartphone and online shopping has become a trend. More than 50% of e-commerce sales take place through the smartphone. According to the reports from Goldman Sachs, the global revenue share from mobile e-commerce will be more than $626 billion.

3) Supply Chain Management will witness big change:

A supply chain is the most important aspect of e-commerce industry and in 2018, there will be more improvement. Automation, Data Sharing, and Customer-Centric will be three most advanced factors that will increase the prospect.

4) Micro-Moments Marketing taking over:

Micro-moments are touch points which customers research about the product. With the use of the device like- Think with Google, Micro-moments will be the hottest trend in 2018 for e-commerce. I want to know moments, I want to go moments, I want to do and I want to buy moments.

About Value4brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital Marketing company in New Delhi, India. With the team of Best Digital Marketing professionals, Value4Brand help the companies to build, repair, manage and promote their brand globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. We provide tailor-made solutions to the clients after analyzing their needs and requirements. Value4Brand strongly believes in client’s satisfaction by providing the quality results.

Campaign Marketing- Doing it Right to Meet your Objectives

The marketing campaign is a part of a brand promotion that helps the business to reach its target audience. However, the process of developing and overseeing the campaign has to be managed effectively for rewarding results. The marketing manager needs to have experience in the field and to study the social media market to manage the campaign effectively. Companies like Value4Brand ensure that marketing campaign is done effectively after in-depth research and meet the needs of the brand.

Value4Brand | Campaign Marketing

This article explains about the top things to consider when performing marketing campaign for the brand:

  • Objective:

Business runs with an objective or the aim of earning a maximum profit and reaching the maximum target audience for growth. The intent of marketing and advertising is to create a brand image and develop awareness among potential customers. Different companies have different objectives, so while creating marketing campaigns, do keep objectives in the mind.

  • Budget:

Every company sets aside a certain budget for campaigning under which the marketing manager or social media manager has to work upon. The budget is based on the percentage of total sales and the return the campaign would offer. Research the market and check out the competitor’s marketing campaign method to list the budget for the campaign. Higher budget with no proper planning won’t yield guarantee return. So the team has to work on the idea and accordingly create the budget for the same.

  • Monitoring and Assessment:

Once the marketing campaign is done, brand owners along with the marketing team have to sit and monitor the progress. It is important to assign a team for a detail-oriented result and monitor every result coming out of the campaign.

  • Changes and Improvement:

While the result coming out of the monitoring of marketing campaign, the team can make changes and improvement according to the result. Viewers may comment on the campaign that can help the team to work if there are any changes or improvement needed. Even after the changes, the campaign doesn’t bring out the result, then you need to keep making changes and monitor the same for effective result.

About Us:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital marketing company in New Delhi, India. Since its inception, the company has managed to provide well-research and brand-oriented reputation management service for clients globally. Equipped with advanced tools and experienced team, Value4Brand ensures of long-term business relationship.

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3 Things You need to know about Online Reputation Management

When everyone is facing neck to neck competition customers are only attracted by the quality and uniqueness offered by any company. They are piled up with ample of choices, so to attract and maintain customers towards the company one has to maintain and present the brand image of the company in a more creative way. A customer would not buy from a company which has negative reviews. Hence, the business has to join the hands with the ORM service providing a company like Value4Brand, one of the leading online reputation management services in Delhi.


Once companies have proper professional services they can simply get advantages of using Online Reputation Management tools, they can be summarized as :

  • Development of Trust in Market: Customers simply have one perception in mind that they have to go with a company that has good reviews, testimonials and ratings. So, maintaining online reputation is very important. XYZ helps in keeping everything intact and setting up of a positive brand image of the company.
  • Removal of Negative Reviews: Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora have most of the reviews posts by the customers. They can be negative or even positive. Negative reviews obviously hamper the growth and image of the company. Thus, its a need to have ORM team to look out for such negative reviews and remove them.
  • Change in Ranking of Keywords: Your brand can earn good image when better ORM strategies are involved in SEO techniques. Your pages will get top rankings when each of the negative reviews is downgraded. With best ORM team you will have a better ranking of your company.

About Us:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital PR company in New Delhi, India. Since its inception, the company has managed to provide well-research and brand-oriented reputation management service for clients globally. Equipped with advanced tools and experienced team, Value4Brand ensures of long-term business relationship.

Want to Speed up your WordPress Site? Here are Few Tricks

WordPress site is the major platform for business to build a blog or official website to promote the brand. However, proper SEO optimization and maintaining the site are two important things that will certainly boost their speed and traffic of your website. The main agenda of a website development company is to develop niche site that brings more visitors. If you’ve zero ideas regarding the process, then Value4Brand is here for your service. The company has been developing websites for various clients of various domains by implementing new techniques and strategies to speed up the site.

wordpress site

Why it is important to increase the speed of the website?

Optimizing is an important stage of website development. It is one part of SEO strategies and is also to the face of reputation management. Thousands of new WordPress sites and blogs go live daily, and every site competes with each other to get the top spot of the search engine in their respective domains. But above all is the improving of website speed. If the website takes several minutes to open up, it will definitely lose a visitor.

So here are some tricks to speed up the performance:

  • Monitor your Site:

Before optimizing your site, it is important to monitor its current speed. Website development team will use Performance Check Tool to figure out the speed that would capture loading time, total page size and other things. On the basis of the tool result, the development team will check which area needs the fixing.

  • Switching to faster web-hosting:

Web hosting service is important for improving the speed of the site. Cheap price, but with multiple marketing strategies can be distracting. The server of a web hosting should have a good RAM speed and is capable to manage multiple sites. Learn about the web hosting provider and the server along with the hosting plan.

  • Compressing your Images and Videos:

Heavy images and videos can take a toll over your site speed. If your website content has video and images, then you need to compress them and upload for faster loading of images. Check for a good quality, but low size JPEG and PNG file.

About Value4Brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital Marketing company in New Delhi, India.  Having a team of digital marketing professionals and website development team, the company helps to build, repair, manage and promote their brand and website globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. Equipped with advanced tools and TAT based processes, we ensure a strategic solution for the company.

Remove Consumer Complaints from Google to Push Website on the Top

For a company, the reputation of its brand matters a lot and does its best to keep the positivity intact for the long term. However, in many cases consumer aren’t happy either with the service or with the product, eventually leading to posting of negative comments. For customers, there are lots of consumer forums where they can post grievances against the product or company after the certain action are taken. This not only affects the brand market value, but also brings down the traffic from the search results.

Remove Consumer Complaints

In many cases, competitors and ex-employees too posts negative comments, so it becomes important to keep an over it and erase such comments from Google. Value4Brand is the leading reputation management company in India and understands the importance of online reputation. It offers a permanent solution by managing negative reviews from websites.

Remove Consumer Complaints from Google

Value4Brand works hard to keep vigilance over different review websites that can provide platform to consumers for posting negative complaints.

Apart from managing the complaints or negative reviews from websites, other best way is to communicate with these customers. One way is by replying to the complaint and solving the query. The other way is by sending messages to the user and solving the issue internally. This way, the online audience will have a perception that company is taking these complaints and negative reviews seriously.

Professional companies like Value4Brand ensure that the client’s brand earns positive reputation for long term. With committed result and 100% money back policies, this further defines professionalism.

About Value4Brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital marketing company in Delhi, India. Backed with the team of professional digital marketing professionals, the company helps to build, repair, manage and promote their brand globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. Equipped with advanced tools and TAT based processes, we ensure a strategic solution for the company.

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How can you get more traffic to your site? | Value4Brand


Amidst this growing competition, it has become very challenging to drive traffic to your site. One has to be really innovative and unique with the topic and its description when presenting any content to the users. Similarly, an interesting approach should be applied to the social media to attract the users to the brand.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to increase traffic to your site and establish yourself as a strong name in the market:


  1. Think like your customers: When posting anything on the site for the purpose of attracting the audience, make sure that the content or the post is something that will interest the audience. For making it secure put yourself in the place of your audience and then think of the ways to attract them.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Invest your time for analyzing the strategies and working style of the competition or the businesses that are doing better than you. Then, incorporate those tips in your working for getting better results.
  3. Include Backlinks: Develop networks with the top players in the market and encourage the process of cross-promotions and back linking. Once you are among those who are associated with the top brands, customers will automatically turn towards you.
  4. User Experience: Since, the main focus is to attract the users to the site, the most important factor to focus your attention is on providing a friendly user experience to the customers. If the users and customers are happy with the way they are being treated then they will always be with you as your forever clients.

If you to want to attract users to your site and want a helping hand in doing so, contact Value4Brand for your assistance